Have you recently switched from smoking to vaping and want a device that is easy to use? Well, you have come to the right place because here are 5 of the best-prefilled vapes:

1.   Blue Razz Beco Bar disposable device

This disposable vape kit will provide you with up to 300 puffs. Do you hate doing maintenance on your vape? Well with this prefilled vape you never have to refill it and you never have to charge it. The Beco Bar is portable making it easy to put in your pocket when you are on the go. The device has no button and is draw activated.

Do you like a sweet taste?

Well, it comes in blueberry and raspberry flavours, which will be perfect for someone who has a sweet tooth. It is not only a great vaporizer to start out with, but it also produces great quality vapor too.

2.   Dinner Lady Disposable device

Dinner Lady prefillable device
Dinner Lady prefillable device

This device has a 300 maH battery mod. It is available in 6 different flavours: Lemon tart, Smooth Tobacco, Blue menthol, Pink berry, Mango ice, and Fresh menthol. This device is draw activated and no maintenance is needed. Once your pod is empty you can dispose of the whole kit and then replace it with a new one.

3.   Aspire Gusto Mini vape kit

Aspire Gusto Mini Vape Kit
Aspire Gusto Mini Vape Kit

This device is designed for mouth-to-lung vaping, but it can produce enough vaper for semi-direct to lung use.

It only has one button, and this button is used to active the device as well as lock the device. What makes this device even better is its portability.

4.   IVG Pod starter Kit

This vape device is ideal for those who are just starting out. It has a 450maH battery. This device will give you a smooth throat hit, and the prefilled e-liquid pods contain 2ml of 20 mg salt nic e-liquid.

5.   Voom Pod Starter Kit

Voom Pod Starter Kit
Voom Pod Starter Kit

Are you switching to vaping? Well, this is the starter kit you will need to get you started. Do you want something simple? This is the perfect device, all you must do is insert the pod, inhale and you are ready to go, it does not get any easier than that. It has a 320maH battery and if you want a portable device that is easy to throw in your pocket or bag this is the device for you.

Haven’t you switched to vaping yet? Take a look at the tips of how to use a vaporizer, make the switch today and get yourself one of 2020’s best-prefilled vape devices.