All about the 510 thread

Cannabis or nicotine may both be vaporized with the use of a device called a 510-battery. One of the earliest e-cigarette producers was the originator of the phrase “510,” which has now become a generic word for e-cigarettes and its components.

Benefits of Vaping


In this article you’ll learn:

  • Is it possible to tell me what a 510-thread battery looks like?
  • Reasons why 510-thread batteries are so popular
  • 510-threaded battery temperature control: a step-by-step guide
  • To utilize a 510-threaded battery, you must know how to switch it on
  • Tips and strategies for utilizing a battery with a 510 thread.
  • Is there anything I can do when my 510-thread battery fails?
  • Is it possible to take a 510-threaded battery on a plane?
  • The 510-battery refers to what kind of battery?

Cannabis or nicotine may both be vaporized with the use of a device called a 510-battery. One of the earliest e-cigarette producers was the originator of the phrase “510,” which has now become a generic word for e-cigarettes and its components. At 5mm in diameter, “510” is an accurate description of the threaded connection. With this form of threaded connection, e-cigarettes and vaporizers may be used with many cartridges and pens. 510-threaded batteries and cartridges are now widely accepted as interchangeable and compatible.

What’s the deal with 510 vape batteries? Rechargable battery base attaches into an oil cartridge that has been pre-filled with oil and heated to vaporize and inhale.

Advantages of 510-thread Batteries

Are 510 batteries popular because they are so easy to find? As a result, vape batteries and cartridges from various manufacturers may be used interchangeably. It is possible to connect all 510-batteries and cartridges to each other. Even though certain hardware components may be incompatible, most 510-threaded carts and batteries (even from various manufacturers) may be used together without issue.

In addition to being lightweight, these battery-cartridge combos are also portable. A 510-battery may come in a variety of shapes, but the pen-style is the most common and convenient.

Another advantage of using a 510-battery is that it’s inconspicuous! Most are small enough to fit in a pocket, and many 510-batteries are almost indistinguishable from e-cigarettes for people who choose to keep their cannabis usage private.

The Four Benefits of 510-Thread Vaporizers

510 thread Airvape vape pen
510 thread Airvape vape pen

Another advantage of a vape battery is that it has a built-in timeout. As a result, a puff’s length and strength are regulated by both time and temperature (and choice of temperature). How may this be of benefit? By ensuring that dosages are more predictable and measured. Individuals who are using cannabis for medical reasons, microdosing, or determining their tolerance levels need to regulate their doses carefully.

Vape pens come with a wide range of features, including automatic activation when a puff is taken, as well as a variety of other settings and design touches that may enhance the experience. Let’s look at some of the most important aspects of a 510-battery.

What to Know When 510-thread Battery Shopping

Temp Control

Consider the temperature of a battery, and whether that temperature is set or changeable. Because the active compounds in cannabis (cannabinoids and terpenes) are activated at various temperatures, most individuals prefer a battery with a variable voltage, which gives them more control over their vaping experience. One may adjust the temperature to suit their tolerance, desired effects, and taste using a variable voltage battery. As a result, it will take longer puffs to get the ideal THC level, but it will also produce more flavorful terpenes since they aren’t overheated.

Activation & Use

It is possible to activate the battery by holding a button while inhaling, whereas other 510-batteries do not need any action from the user when the gadget is switched on. Personal choice and convenience are the only factors that have a role in the difference.

Battery Life & Charging

At what voltage (sometimes linked to temperature) and how often it is engaged, a 510-battery’s lifespan is determined (how many puffs). A good battery should last at least five hours on average before it has to be recharged, assuming normal, regular use.

A battery life indicator is a useful feature that lets you know when your battery is going low.

When purchasing for a 510-threaded battery, it’s usually a good idea to verify that the battery can be charged through a USB connection.

Warranty & Customer Service

For 510-threaded batteries, the guarantee offered by the manufacturer is one of the most significant considerations.


As vital as features, guarantees, and functionality are, we also realize that a 510-battery ought to be appealing to the eye and to the touch. People have different preferences when it comes to the size and mobility of a pen vs a bigger gadget. So, there’s something for everyone’s taste with these batteries’ infinite color and finish options!

Using A 510-threaded Battery: Tips & Tricks

vaporizer battery
vaporizer battery

This kind of battery is easy to set up and use. The gadget is ready to use as soon as the battery has been charged and the cartridge has been screwed in.

If you live in a colder environment, the oil in your cartridge may harden and hinder the formation of vapor; however, a preheat setting may address this problem.

Do you have to do any cleaning or other maintenance on a regular basis? A 510-threaded battery requires just little upkeep. A cotton swab soaked in rubbing alcohol may be used to remove any residue from the connecting threads.

What should you do if your 510-threaded battery stops working?

  • Make sure the device is charged.
  • Check if the cartridge is fully connected to the battery.
  • In contrast, another common mistake is to over-tighten the cartridge. If a cartridge is screwed on too tight, it can actually inhibit the battery from working.
  • Make sure there is oil in the cartridge, and that it is viscous enough for vaping.
  • Check to see if anything is blocking the airflow.
  • Contact the manufacturer or place of purchase for additional support.

Traveling With A 510-battery

Is a 510-vaporizer battery safe to carry on a plane? Yes! They are, however, not allowed in checked luggage, so you’ll need to have the gadget on you or in a carry-on bag.

Traveling with a vape pen

oil vape pen
oil vape pen

As a further precaution, it’s a clever idea to remove the cartridge from the 510-battery before to travel. Almost many airlines demand that cartridges and batteries be kept apart for this reason.

While it is permissible to carry a vape pen on a plane, it is not permitted to use one. When in doubt, it’s advisable to hold off until you’re sure you won’t be prosecuted for a federal infraction. Make sure that 510-batteries and cannabis cartridges are legal in your location to prevent any difficulties or confiscation when traveling.

510 batteries are the greatest alternative for vaping because of their mobility, adaptability, and simplicity of usage. I hope you had an enjoyable time on your reading. Enjoy!

Give a vaporizer as a Christmas gift

Some people are having a hard time deciding what to purchase their loved ones for Christmas this time of year. It’s difficult to choose a present for someone who already has everything they need, and it’s much more difficult when the holidays come around.

“Use” is the key word here, as well. The finest presents aren’t meaningless trinkets, but rather useful items that the recipient can put to good use throughout the year, even if they weren’t aware they needed them. If you’re trying to figure out why they’d require such an essential thing, you might start by looking at their lifestyle.

In this case, if you know someone in your family or friends who is anxious to give up smoking, you can consider sending them a gift of some kind of smoking cessation assistance.


types of vaporizers e-cig
types of vaporizers e-cig

E-cigarettes are the best way to quit smoking, according to the NHS and other health organizations in the United Kingdom, because they contain nicotine but do not contain any of the thousands of toxic chemicals released by burning tobacco, at least 70 of which have been shown to cause cancer in humans.

Is it, nevertheless, acceptable to offer vape kits as a Christmas present? Would the receiver be appreciative, or would they believe you were meddling with their personal lives and that you were being intrusive?

What Are Vape Kits?

All you need is a vape pen, charging cord, and a few free e-liquids to get started with e-cigarettes immediately. Because vape pens look and feel like a cigarette, many individuals who switch from smoking to vaping find them to be excellent for their transition to nicotine replacement therapy.

Because the physical act of holding a cigarette may frequently be a “crutch” for those who are attempting to quit smoking, this is a crucial issue for anybody trying to do so.

For less than £20, you can get your hands on a vape kit and amaze your loved one by spending a lot of money on a gift for them. In the long run, all they’ll have to do is purchase refills every so often, and they’ll last a long time (depending on how often they’re used) – considerably less expensive than purchasing tobacco pouches or packs of cigarettes!

Helping to Improve Lives

vaping a portable vaporizer
vaping a portable vaporizer

The best Christmas presents are ones that recipients realize they’ve been missing out on all along after receiving them. Because they never get around to purchasing gloves or a scarf, they whine about the cold. When kids get one or both of these items as a Christmas present, they are overjoyed and wear them nonstop. The same can be said about vape kits and pens, which may help smokers quit for good and get back on the road to good health after quitting for good.

It’s possible they’ll tell you, “I never would have tried vaping, and I’m so pleased you bought me the vape kit for Christmas—you got me off cigarettes, and I’m really thankful.” after they’ve used it for a time and successfully stopped smoking.”

However, there are a few things to keep in mind when purchasing a vape kit for someone this holiday season. Things like, is it too personal to become involved in someone’s smoking habit or issue if they’re having a hard time kicking the habit? In the event that they believe you’re meddling and are upset, this might result in the opposite response you were aiming for What if the person you’re thinking about purchasing a vape kit for is a smoker who has no intention of quitting?

Quitting smoking

All of this should be taken into consideration before purchasing a vape kit as a Christmas present. Assuming you know the individual and are aware of his or her struggle with smoking (if any), it would be a good idea to bring up the topic of quitting smoking with him or her in the weeks leading up to Christmas and see how they respond. It’s worth asking whether they’d be interested in trying any of the many different ways to stop smoking that are available, such as nicotine patches, gum, or even electronic cigarettes.

Keep the person’s age in mind as well; it’s not appropriate, for example, to hand out vapes to minors. Vape kits are not the solution for teenagers who smoke, even if you want them to quit. You can’t acquire starter kits or e-liquid refills for your vape if you’re under the age of 18. For the same reason, an old smoker who has been doing it for decades and finds some solace in the habit could be reluctant to switch to a vape kit.

All their life and gets a degree of comfort from it might not welcome a vape kit, as they may not want to start something new.

Great Xmas Gifts Mean You Really Care

Christmas gift
Christmas gift

Christmas tree decorated with an uul e-cigarette or nicotine vapor dispenser box

As a result of people who purchased them not knowing what to acquire, Christmas is riddled with a lot of embarrassing and completely irrelevant or worthless presents that the receiver doesn’t want or will utilize. As a result, it doesn’t say much about the giver, nor does the excessively cautious and drab decision of sending socks or a bundle of fabric handkerchiefs to guys since you didn’t think about what they would truly appreciate. In any case, their sock drawers will be overflowing with footwear.

To give someone something they won’t like or desire is a waste in a world already overflowing with garbage. Worse still, give something absolutely inappropriate, such as lingerie, to a lady you don’t know well enough. It’s embarrassing for everyone! A hair care kit for men that contains gel and other items, even if the receiver is bald, could be an appropriate present. Or maybe a vacuum cleaner, which might indicate that the recipient isn’t very handy around the house?

Hence the common inquiry at Christmastime: “Did you preserve the receipt?” “just in case there’s anything wrong with it,” Many individuals rush to the stores with large bundles of unwanted presents they received as gifts and expect to swap them for something else or get a refund.

Hopefully, you won’t have to worry about that this holiday season.

Vaping for beginners

If you just switched or wants to switch to vaping, this is a nice start-guide for you. Most of vaporizers are portable enough so you can carry all around besides having no complications when it comes to it’s usage. If you don’t want to get over your head, here is a guide to all things vaping for beginners.

Learn all the parts of a vape device

rebuildable atomizer
rebuildable atomizer

When you start on the vaping world, you have a lot of information to learn about vape parts and it’s names. If you don’t feel confident about all the term involving vaping, take a look at our vape dictionary!

The atomizer is the initial component of the vape device. The atomizer is made up of a heating coil and wick that are regulated by temperature-regulating circuitry. This kind of circuit board is often referred to as a “atty.” The atty will not function if it is ever drenched with e-liquid or gets wet in any way, so keep your device away from liquids and store it in a secure location.

The wick, also known as a mesh wick or wire mesh, absorbs e-liquid from the tank and warms up with electricity to produce vapor. The device’s last component generates energy to heat the wick and atomizer. This is referred to as the battery. The battery ensures that you receive the appropriate vapor on the wick, so you don’t have to worry about your device becoming wet from your e-liquid, drying out your wick, or overheating your coil.

You can determine whether vapor is too hot by keeping your palm over it for a minute and allowing it to cool. Before making any long-term decisions, make sure you have a buddy vape with you.

Purchase a new vape

Purchase a new vape device since the atomizer, wick, and battery are all interchangeable. If you want to vape with your pals but don’t want to purchase a new gadget, you can easily change the components. Avoid self-repairs if you don’t know how to replace components or even disassemble your gadget. Instead, hire a professional.

Purchase an e-liquid

e-liquid or e-juice for vaporizers
e-liquid or e-juice for vaporizers

There are many brands of e-liquid available in a variety of tastes. Fruit tastes, such as banana, strawberry, or chocolate, are the most popular e-juice flavors. However, in the world of vaping, you may discover a wide variety of tastes. There are almost 200 different tastes to select from. You may try whatever taste you like, but the most popular are vanilla and tobacco, although other people prefer lemon or mint.

The other major choice is selecting the best e-juice for your device. Your vape device comes with three different kinds of batteries: 1100 mAh, 1500 mAh, and 2000 mAh. The first number indicates how many milliamps the battery can provide, while the second number indicates the maximum battery charge. The greater the first and second numbers, the more vapor you can produce with your selected e-liquid.

Obtain a tank

A tank is the third component of vaping that you will need to purchase in order to get started. When you purchase an e-cigarette, it will come with a starting kit that contains all three components (battery, atomizer, and wick). The “tank” is where the e-liquid is put before drawing through it using a draw or mouthpiece.

The beginning kits are typically good for one to three months, so don’t forget about the additional attachments that come with your initial kit. Tanks, atomizers, and wicks of various sizes may be used. You may also want to purchase a new tank for your device if you discover that your requirements are changing to keep up with the current vaping trends.

These are the fundamental components of a vape device. Other accessories for your vape device include an e-liquid container, a power outlet adaptor, e-juice bottles, and dabbing equipment (for concentrates).

If you don’t already have a buddy who has a vape device and can educate you how to use it and remain safe while vaping, search for vaping blogs and websites where individuals may discuss their vaping experiences.

Charge your device correctly.

When the battery is turned on, keep it charged by removing it from the device. Even if it’s just been a few minutes, never let your battery charging alone. Lithium-ion batteries, like other rechargeable batteries, may be hazardous if not charged correctly. If your battery isn’t functioning correctly, you should contact your local vape store or a vape specialist for assistance.

Discover how to clean your gadget.

Before you purchase e-liquid or a new case for your vape equipment, you should know how to clean it. There are many methods to clean and care for a vape device, but the most essential is to keep it always dry. You should keep your gadget someplace where it will not be constantly exposed to e-liquid (like on a shelf in a cool garage).

What ingredients are in your vape juice?

Vape juice is a solution that includes propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), flavorings, and nicotine. It is also known as e-liquid, water-based, or vape juice. PG is utilized as a carrier for the taste and nicotine in the vape, while VG is used to produce more vapor on exhale.

Nicotine is the addictive chemical found in cigarette smoke and vape juice. Most vape devices with prebuilt tanks and atomizers can utilize e-liquid. It’s also utilized in pen vaporizers, although cartridges or pods are gaining popularity.

E-liquid is available in a variety of tastes, which helps to provide a unique experience each time you use a new flavor. Each flavor has a distinct cloud thickness that may be obtained from the vapor generated by it.

Some varieties include more potent chemicals (nicotine), which may make them more addictive than others, so do some research on the taste your buddy prefers before trying it yourself.

Other applications for e-juice

vaporizers and e-liquids
vaporizers and e-liquids

E-liquid may be used in a variety of ways other than vaporizing or smoking, depending on what you want to accomplish. E-liquid is most often used in a vaporizer or electronic cigarette, or as an ingredient in baking.

By far the most common use of e-liquid is in a vaporizer. The primary reason for its popularity is because here is where the nicotine component comes into play, and one can get their nicotine fix without setting anything on fire and breathing all that smoke into their lungs.

There are also many more tastes available than with tobacco, and no additional chemicals are added to any e-liquids since they do not entail smoking tobacco.

Begin slowly

It is recommended to begin with a lower nicotine dosage and then progress to greater nicotine strengths if desired. You should also avoid using more nicotine than is advised if you find it too powerful. Vaporizers are available in a variety of sizes to suit a variety of nicotine-containing e-liquid concentrations.

Taking care of your device

To prevent blockage, your gadget may need to be cleaned after each usage. Before beginning a new session with e-liquid and a new atomizer, be sure to wipe up the components that are utilized for each draw. Many devices come with brushes or other equipment that may assist you clean away any blockages between usage. Depending on how much usage your gadget has received, certain components of it may need repair on a regular basis.

If you have any queries, the best thing to do is to first read the instructions that came with your gadget and then seek for more information online. Most devices are very easy to use, and all you need to know is how much e-liquid your device can store, how much you want for each session, and a few other details regarding what is going on within the vape when you are using it.

Benefits of Vaping Against Smoking

If nothing else, the previous year showed us that being healthy may go a long way. It is time to take control of your life and determine if you want to live a healthy life or not. If so, the first thing you should do is get rid of anything that is detrimental to your health. Smoking is one such habit. You can add a few years to your life if you can stop.

We recognize that it is not that simple, which is why we have a backup plan. You may use vapes to assist you with this. That’s correct. E-cigarettes, often known as vaping, may help you stop smoking quicker than you would think. They are easy-to-use and quite enjoyable. We’ve highlighted a few benefits to assist you comprehend it better. Let’s take a closer look at them.

1. Less expensive


You can’t dispute that smoking cigarettes is a costly habit. You’d have to spend a lot of money every month to smoke it out. Vaping, on the other hand, is a more inexpensive alternative. Although you must initially spend a bit more on the equipment and accessories, when calculated on a regular basis, it comes to a significantly lower price. E-liquids are also reasonably priced.

2. Relatively Less Dangerous

Using vapes instead of cigarettes is a much healthier choice for your health. It aids in the cessation of smoking. The e-liquids used in these devices are less toxic and do not leave any residue in your lungs, such as tar. Furthermore, smoking has no effect on others around you. Vapes aid in the reduction of blood pressure, the improvement of immunity, the facilitation of breathing, and the proper functioning of the lungs.

3. Fewer Side Effects

The vapor produced by vapes, such as e-cigarettes, does not stay in the air for long. As a result, it does not contaminate the air or damage others around you. Unlike cigarettes, the vapor is not absorbed by the things that surround you, such as curtains, furniture, and so on, leaving no after-smell. To put it another way, it removes the danger of passive smoking.

4. Increased Variety

Another reason to choose vaping over smoking is that the former allows you to experiment with a broad range of tastes. It is a far nicer experience for you and others around you than smoking cigarettes.

5. Aids in the cessation of smoking

Finally, if you really want to quit smoking, you may try vaping. It has shown to be amazingly effective in assisting smokers to stop smoking for good. Although it will be difficult for you, vapes will guarantee that you can do it in a short amount of time. According to studies, vaping is more successful than using nicotine substitutes.

6. Immediate gratification

Although sophisticated vapes may require some initial fiddling, there are many simpler items available that arrive prefilled and ready to use. In any case, taking a hit is as easy as pressing a button or drawing on the device once the vape is ready (some have an automatic draw). While all vaping devices need a charged battery and e-juice to function, the typical vape can last you all day with no maintenance or upkeep.

7. Price points to suit any budget

vaporizers and e-liquids
vaporizers and e-liquids

The vaping market is vast and fiercely competitive. There are many items in every price range—from $10 to hundreds of dollars—that can accommodate virtually every user. Whether you prefer a basic disposable e-cig or a complex vape mod with premium e-liquid, there’s a vape for you.

8. No prior experience required

You may create a hobby of collecting vaping gear or learning how to construct your own coils, but you can also enjoy a fantastic vaping experience as a novice right away. There are a plethora of excellent vaping devices available that do not need any prior expertise, ranging from novice starting kits to basic pod vapes.

9. Availability and accessibility

Nowadays, excellent vapor products may be found at vape shops, convenience stores, petrol stations, and even tobacco shops. There are also online vape stores that will deliver vaping goods to your home.

10. No noxious odors

One of the most significant benefits of vaping is that you, your clothing, your home, and your vehicle will no longer smell like smoke. Vaping has an odor, but it is far from the odor of stale smoke and cigarette butts. In reality, even tobacco-flavored vapes do not have the aroma of burning tobacco. The scent of vapor is hardly perceptible to many individuals. You may even get compliments!

11. Complete control over nicotine intake

When you vape, you have complete control over your nicotine dose. E-juice is available in a range of nicotine levels, from nicotine-free to high-strength nicotine. You can control how much nicotine is in your vape, or you may use no nicotine at all. Most vapers begin with high nicotine levels and eventually work their way down to lesser concentrations, or even entirely remove nicotine.

12. Vaping offers you control over the quantity of vapor you exhale

This is an important aspect of the experience. For ease and low vapor volume, some vapers choose smaller devices like as pod vapes, while others prefer high-powered mods for cloud chasing. You can fine-tune your vapor volume and taste by adjusting the power output, airflow, and coil type. Depending on how you vape, you may be as quiet and covert as you want, or as flashy as you want.

The choice is Yours


You should now have a better grasp of the benefits and drawbacks of vaping. There are many sites on both sides. However, when considering vaping as an alternative to smoking, it should be clear that it is the better option of the two. Although vaping is not the only method to fight cigarette addiction, all of the other options offer advantages and disadvantages.

Vaping is popular because it provides nicotine and a smoking-like sensation without the combustion products that make smoking so dangerous. But vaping isn’t without flaws, and it’s not for everyone. Whatever you pick, be sure you understand the advantages and drawbacks of vaping.

Better thank smoking, is smoking healthier, right? Get yourself a vape and keep updated in our blog!

What is a dry herb vaporizer?

A dry herb vaporizer is an easy-to-use device that vaporizes dry herbs for consumption. Dry herbs can be consumed through smoking, cooking, or vaping. While the latter two options do not produce smoke, we will focus on the advantages of vaping with a dry herb vape to produce larger clouds and cleaner taste.

Vaping devices can release massive amounts of vapor from just a tiny amount of herb, and this means you can save money by purchasing less product to get your desired effect.

Vaping has become very popular among people looking to save money, with the cost of e-liquid being much more expensive than dry herb products.

Dry Herb Vapes Differences

dry herb vaporizer AirVape XS
dry herb vaporizer AirVape XS

Dry herb vapes come in many different shapes and sizes, from basic desktop devices to powerful desktop units that can vaporize a large amount of dry herb.

The main difference between them is the power output of their heating sources, which determines the amount of vapor they produce.

The higher the power output, the more vapor they can produce as well as give you more satisfying vaping sessions. Another important factor when deciding on a dry herb vape is its battery life. Many devices have external batteries, meaning you don’t need to charge them every day.

Dry Herb Vape Benefits

A dry herb vape can be a very economical and convenient way to consume your favorite herbs for long periods of time. There are many advantages compared to smoking herbal material, such as no need to light up or burn anything.

Vaping is much more discreet than lighting up, and people around you will not know what you are doing. You can go out with friends and not have to worry about being asked to put out the joint or having the smell of smoke in the air. The taste of your smoke also won’t affect people around you, unlike oral consumption methods such as tobacco smoking and chewing tobacco.

Dry herb vaping produces large clouds of vapor and gives you a cleaner taste. This is ideal for smoke enthusiasts who enjoy the process of smoking as well as the taste of the smoke. It also gives you a cleaner breathing experience. There are different types of dry herb vapes such as desktop units, portable vape pens, and handheld dry herb vaporizers. Depending on your needs you can choose which one is best for you.

Types of Dry Herb Vaporizers

dry herb vaporizer
dry herb vaporizer

Desktop Units

Most desktop units come with a whip mouthpiece, or a balloon bag attached to the device that allows for easy inhalation after the vapor has been produced by heating up your herbs inside the heating chamber. The vapor produced by these devices contains a neutral to sweet taste, depending on the length of time the heating process has been going on.

Though it does not contain any combustion, a dry herb vape device is still considered a “smoking device.” Therefore, you cannot use this type of product in areas designated for smoking tobacco like hospitals and public places.

Portable Vapes

Portable vapes are smaller than desktop units and are usually made to resemble either a pen or an actual pipe. There are different types of portable vapes! These vapes come in various shapes and sizes and some even have built-in batteries that can be charged through USB or an external battery pack. Some portable vapes have replaceable heating chambers. These vapes can be very discreet as they only produce vapor and do not have any of the smell or taste of burning herbs.

Hands-Free Vapes

Hands-free vapes are like portable vapes in almost every way, except for one: they do not require you to use your hands to operate them. Some of these devices are equipped with a mouthpiece or a balloon bag that allows for easy inhalation once vapor has been produced. Other models have built-in batteries that you can charge through USB or an external battery pack.

Portable vape devices come in different shapes and sizes, from basic desktop units to powerful desktop units that can vaporize a large amount of dry herb. Desktop units have a whip mouthpiece, or a balloon bag attached to the device that allows for easy inhalation after the vapor has been produced.

The vapor produced by these devices contains a neutral to sweet taste, depending on the length of time the heating process has been going on. Though it does not contain any combustion, a dry herb vape device is still considered a ‘smoking device.

There are many dry herbs vape accessories available to help enhance your vaporizing sessions. Most of these accessories are used together with a dry herb vape. They can be used to improve the taste and quality of your vape sessions as well as help you in other ways. Making your dry herb vaporizer better will also make you enjoy vaping more.

Accessories: wicks, heating chambers and elements

wick or vape coil of a dry herb vaporizer
wick or vape coil of a dry herb vaporizer

Most dry herb vape accessories can be used with any dry herb vaporizer. However, some are specifically designed for certain types of dry herb vaporizers. Some of the most common types of vape accessories are wicks and heating chambers. Many other types of accessories have been invented as well, such as atomizers and mouthpieces.


A wick is an essential part of any vaporizer. The purpose of a wick is to deliver the dry herb from the heating chamber to the heating element in a dry herb vape device, so that it can be vaporized. Vaporizers with fixed wicks are usually more reliable as their wicks do not need replacing.

Wicks that are designed for use with portable vapes should be changed regularly after about 100 uses. Vape accessories designed specifically for dry herb vaporizers are usually better at wicking, especially if you want to get the most out of your dry herb vape sessions.

Heating chambers

Sometimes using a third-party heating chamber is the best choice. You can try using other types of chambers, such as aluminum or ceramic, but they work best with certain types of vaporizers and can give you certain type of vapor quality depending on the chamber used. Most chambers are made from stainless steel.

Large chambers give vaporizers a long and strong heating element, giving you more powerful vape sessions. The chambers are usually interchangeable, so that you can use different types of materials like herbs or wax in your vape.

Heating elements

The heating element in dry herb vaporizers is the piece of material used to transfer heat to your dry herb so that it turns into vapor. The heating element is usually made from materials such as ceramic, quartz or titanium.

I believe you know by now what does a dry herb vape so, after all, what kind of dry herb vaporizer would you choose?

Happy vaping!

What is a vape pen?

We live in a world of vaping, from the electronic cigarettes to the pod systems. Whether it’s for an e-cig or for a vaping machine, there are so many different vape choices that it can be tough to decide what one is right for you. In this blog post, we’ll go over some of the key features and benefits of vape pens.

Note: There are different types of vape pens as well as you can use them in different ways. Vape pens can be used to vaporize dry herbs, THC oils and CBD oils depending on their settings (some have built-in temperature controls) with nicotine or without too.

What is a Vape Pen?

vape pen om airvape
vape pen om airvape

A vape pen is one type of electronic cigarette that is designed to resemble a tobacco cigarette. Although most of them resemble regular cigarettes, they will generally have an atomizer (the part that you vape from) that looks like a nail, instead of the head. This resembles the real-life hand-held device that people originally smoked from which helped to make them look more like tobacco cigarettes.

Water and glycerin are available as options to vape with, but most of these devices will be designed for use with e-liquid (usually made by your favorite e-liquid brand). These devices use an atomizer and battery system, just like every other type of electronic cigarette out there.

What are the Benefits of Vape Pens?

There are so many different vape pens that can be purchased, and the benefit of owning a vape pen is that you’ll be able to use whichever e-cigarette you want for your vaping needs. Whether or not you are looking for a feel of tobacco, an experience like smoking a cigarette, or something completely different, there is a vape pen for you out there.

Here are some of the benefits of owning one:

More Affordable

Vaporizer pens can be as cheap as $50 and as expensive as $200 – which means that they are more affordable than other options such as cigarettes or e-cigs.

Small Design

Many of the vaporizer pens that are available on the market today are designed to be small, which makes them easier to store when not in use. They’re also easy to travel with and can fit in your pocket without a problem.

Only One Atomizer

Most of the e-cigarettes that are available on the market today are designed to have just one atomizer that needs to be replaced after a couple weeks of use. Since every atomizer is different, you might need to change out your battery or atomizer as well. Vape pens, however, have no such issues because you’ll need to replace the entire unit if it stops working.

High Vaping Levels

One benefit that you will get if you decide to buy a vape pen is that you may enhance your vaping level. Whether you’re only looking to vape for a couple minutes or longer, vaporizer pens are designed for higher vaping levels than normal cigarettes would allow. This means that your atomizer can hold more e-liquid and produce a stronger experience than with other devices.

More Control

Another benefit of owning a vape pen is that you’ll have much more control over what goes into your body. Unlike the liquids used in e-cigarettes, the settings of a vape pen are much higher so that you can be sure that what you’re buying is something you want to put in your body. This is much better than buying something and not knowing how much of something you will be vaping.

Higher Vaping Time

If you wish to include nicotine into your vaping experience, most electronic cigarette models come with this option installed right away.

Why prefer Vape Pen over Pipes

oil vape pen
oil vape pen

It is recommended that you use vape pen instead of regular tobacco as tobacco is not healthy. Although it has some positive effects as compared to traditional cigarette smoking, it’s still not much healthy when used excessively.

Here are a few reasons why you should switch from tobacco smoking to vaping:

Vaping Doesn’t Create Harmful Tar

If you smoke at least one pack of cigarettes a day (which is extremely high), then you probably know how difficult it is to quit. Nicotine makes the withdrawal process hard and every time you try to quit, your body gets used to the nicotine so when the next time comes, it’s harder and harder for you.

But, with vaping, since there is no tar, you don’t have to deal with the withdrawal process. Which means that it’s easier to quit if you vape rather than smoke cigarettes.

Vaping Reduces Other Chemicals

When you vape, you are inhaling a vapor which makes the device much healthier than a traditional cigarette smoking experience.

E-liquids are available in different flavors and nicotine content so that vapers can ultimately make their own choices without having to worry about other chemicals getting into their body. There is also a lower risk when it comes to secondhand exposure because there is no smoke or secondhand exposure from these devices.

Vaping Doesn’t Require Lighting a Match

It is always recommended that people don’t smoke while there is a lit cigarette being passed around. It’s the same case when you have a group of friends who want to smoke together, where you can’t sit down and light up until everyone present has already lit their own cigarettes.

When it comes to vaping, however, you get to control the battery and switch on/off the device whenever you wish to vape or not vape. Unlike lighting up a match and hoping nobody burns themselves with it, vapers can simply turn off their units when they are done for the day, knowing that they won’t be causing any harm or danger to those around them.

Vaping Makes No Stink

Smoking is a nasty habit. Not only does it require you to blow smoke in your own face, but it also makes the environment around you smelly.

But with vaping, there won’t be any stinky smoke or secondhand exposure from the unit itself.

If you were already convinced of switching from smoking to vaping, now that you know what is a vape pen you are definitely purchasing your first one, right? Keep an eye on our articles for future tips!

Types of Portable Vaporizers

A vaporizer is a device which is used to extract the active ingredients of plant materials and turn them into vapor for inhalation. The act of vaporizing releases the active ingredients in a substance into an aerosol form without burning the material so that it can be inhaled.

There are three main categories of portable vapes: conduction, convection, and diffusion-diffusion.

Most portable units use ceramic heating elements to heat up dry herbs. Some use coils to vaporize oils, while others use super-heated air.

Conduction vaporizers heat up the dry herbs using contact with the heating element. As a result, the herbs can be heated unevenly and until combustion. Furthermore, they can release harmful byproducts, forming carcinogens when their temperature reaches above 300°C.

Convection vaporizers heat up a liquid solvent that is then turned into a vapor by emitting hot air from the unit. These units are designed to have very powerful fans that force hot air over your dried herbs, keeping them at a constant temperature throughout.

By dispersing the material evenly, diffusion-diffusion vaporizers help in keeping the temperature fairly consistent throughout your unit. They are best for smoking oils as they have a more consistent temperature that is more suitable for smoking. Due to the fact that oils are a more viscous substance, they have a tendency to flow around the coils and make uneven heating, reducing vapor quality.

Diffuser filters help draw the material through the unit and balance out temperature fluctuations. They have been used with both oils and dry herbs as they tend to impart lesser harshness on your body. Though some heated metals can be used as a filler inside of filtration systems, material is best in glass and ceramic materials because it can be easily cleaned or replaced without any loss in potency. Although ceramic has been used before for this purpose, resin has been shown to do a much better job with making vaporizers efficient at vaporizing alcohols.

Although vaporizers are efficient in producing tasty clouds, materials tend to lose potency over time. This is because boiling the herbs and oils extracts much more than just the active ingredients. As a result, many manufacturers are trying to find new ways of making their products more efficient and effective.

However, apart from the portable units, here are some of the most popular types of vaporizers found out there:

types of vaporizers pen
types of vaporizers pen

Bags or balloons – these systems quickly fill a balloon with vapor that you can inhale from later on. They work by attaching a mouthpiece and drawing air through them after they have been filled with vapor, either from an herb or oil chamber attached to your device.

Bags use a one-way valve to seal the vapor in once it is extracted from the herb chamber. On the other hand, balloons are filled with vapor and sealed, and then you can attach a mouthpiece and inhale from them as you would a cigarette.

E-cigs – electronic cigarettes are very popular among those who want to reduce their addiction to tobacco while still maintaining the feeling of smoking. They work by heating up a liquid solution which is made up of water, flavorings, and nicotine. Once they have been heated, these e-liquids turn into vapors that your electronic cigarette will vaporize before feeding it to you in an inhalable form.

E-cig boxes with liquid are usually made from metal or plastic, while e-liquids are usually made from propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine. When the e-liquid is hot enough, it vaporizes into a vapor that you can inhale through your electronic cigarette. Though electronic cigarettes have been proven to be less harmful than smoking tobacco, they do come with their own set of problems.

Vaporizer pens – these devices are very similar to traditional cigarettes, but they work by using a single battery contained in a USB port instead of having an open flame or burning material that produce smoke and odors. You can charge them using a USB port on your computer or in portable chargers.

Vaporizer pens work by heating up a solution that contains water, glycerin, and flavoring agent of your choice. The device is made to vaporize the liquid solution so you can inhale and enjoy the vapor as it would be if you were smoking an actual tobacco cigarette.

Vape juices are liquids that are usually used to add flavorings to e-liquids for e-cig aficionados. However, some vegans prefer to use them instead of dairy products due to their ability to emulate actual milk flavors in vaping.

How do they work? Well, you simply select your choice of e-liquid and add it to your pen to be heated up during use. When heated properly, e-liquids are turned into vapor and inhaled through the mouthpiece.

Note: Some pens use e-juices that contain nicotine. As a result, people who have never smoked before still get addicted to the substance they are adding to their e-juices. This is why we urge you to be very careful when picking out flavored vape juices.

As of late, small, hand-held vaporizers have been becoming popular. These devices are specifically designed to vaporize dry herbs instead of liquids. As a result, they are better suited for those who smoke herbs often as it is easier to use and store.

How vaporizers work?

types of portable vaporizers
types of portable vaporizers

Vaporizers operate by using a heating element that heats up the substance of your choice while keeping the temperature consistent throughout the unit. At the end of the heating cycle, it will release vapor through the atomizer, which is a glass or stainless steel tube with sufficient holes to allow vapor to pass through.

Some vaporizers have removable containers for your herbs that you can fill during use. As a result, they work by filling a chamber with herb, attaching a mouthpiece to allow you to inhale from it while keeping the quality of your herb intact.

Vaporizers are offered in different shapes, sizes, colors and designs that can also be altered to fit your lifestyle. They are often sold as starter kits with stems, mouthpieces and tools you may need to get started.

They work by keeping the temperature regulated throughout the heating cycle so nothing is burned away, giving you a better tasting vapor. Herbs will be heated using a heating element that has been optimized to deliver good vapor quality without compromising on safety.

How does vaping work?

It’s even sipped by many of today’s top celebrities. It may look like the latest trend in smoking, but vaping is actually a healthier and more convenient alternative to cigarettes. Here are the most common misconceptions about vaping that you need to know about, along with detailed info on how it works and what it looks like. Read this blog post to learn more about what’s cool about vaping and where it came from!

It’s hard not be swayed away from smoking. If you’re among those people who have been trying to quit for years with little success, or if your health is at risk due to your addiction, then try switching your habit out for something much healthier: vaping.



Smoking can be the cause of many problems, but one of the biggest dangers is that it’s known to accelerate aging. That’s because it increases your risks of developing wrinkles and fine lines. Smoking also encourages increased oil production by the skin, which contributes towards clogged pores and enlarged pores which then leads to more acne breakouts. Additionally, smoking causes skin discoloration and can make your cheeks look dull and lifeless.

On top of all these things smoking can do to your complexion, it also has a strong negative effect on your health. According to “Allure” magazine, smoking causes multiple types of cancer cells to grow in your body. The two most common types of cancer that smoking is known to cause are lung cancer and colorectal cancer. Smoking is also known to increase your chances of getting heart disease, strokes, respiratory illnesses, and low sperm count.

Overall, if you’re going to attempt quitting smoking, it’s advised to do it the natural way with the help of alternative nicotine sources such as vaping. Vaping is healthier because it keeps you from inhaling harmful toxins and carcinogens in tobacco smoke. It also eliminates cigarettes’ odor that can be irritating and unpleasant around your environment.



It’s simpler than that! Vaping is simply an alternative way of smoking tobacco, so it works by inhaling a nicotine containing aerosol. The only difference between vaping and traditional cigarettes are battery size (the vape battery powers up to 7 times longer), product design (compared to traditional cigarettes), and consistency (vapor has more consistent flavor). But once you’ve tried vaping, you’ll never want another smoke again.

In order for vaping to work, there are two parts that need to be in sync.

First, the atomizer (the heating element) needs to be hot enough to vaporize the liquid. The atomizer is held onto a battery by maintaining pressure on the cartridge or tank. This is why after you take your first puff on a new vape pen, it’s recommended that you wait a minute or more for the vapor to cool down before inhaling again.

The other part needed is the nicotine cartridge or tank (the cartridge or tank contains the liquid). Without liquid, there is no vapor. So, the first step in vaping is making sure your vaporizer cartridge or tank contains a nicotine-containing juice that’s compatible with the atomizer.

The basic process for vaporizing a liquid involves heating a coil by either electricity, or by applying heat manually on a device such as a mod or portable vaporizer pen. The most common form of atomizers is replaceable 510 threaded atomizers. In order to vape e-liquid, you will need to get e-liquid (vapor juice) from reliable sources such as online sellers on sites such as Reddit and Amazon.

There are so many different styles of e-juice available; it can make your head spin. Some of the most common types are:

cartridge for vape pens
cartridge for vape pens

*POD JUICE – For this type, you don’t need to fill any tanks or cartridges with e-liquid, simply grab a pod and screw it onto your battery. And to use it you open the mouthpiece and inhale.

*PRE-FILLED CHEMICAL CARTRIDGES – These include plastic cartridges or glass cartridges that contain a liquid chemical substance that is not nicotine containing. Usually these are used with full-size devices like box mods. Instead of a dripping atomizer, this is used for tanks with coil heads.

*PRE-FILLED CARTRIDGE – This product is the same as the cartridge mentioned above, but you can find cartridges that are pre-filled with flavors such as vanilla, strawberry and chocolate. These are great if you’re just getting into vaping for the first time. With a pre-filled cartridge all you really have to do is pick up an e-cig battery and screw on the cartridge to start vaping right away.

*E-LIQUID – E-liquid is available in 30ml, 10ml and various other sized bottles.

Where do you get the liquid for the pen?

First, you will need to pick a vaping pen or battery that you would like to use. You can find them in different colors, styles and shapes. Make sure whoever is selling these pens or batteries know that the liquids are for these specific devices because not all devices will accept all liquids. The most common parts of these e-cigarettes are the battery and the atomizer, which is the heating element (a coil which is often pre-filled with e-liquid).

Next you will need to decide on what liquid you will be using. Most e-liquid brands have their own unique flavors that they produce. Some of the most common ones are Black Cherry, Cinnamon Roll, Cotton Candy, Orange Creamsicle, Strawberry and Vanilla.

Once you have purchased your device and e-liquid you will need to find a location to use it. Most people prefer to use their device in their homes but there are plenty of places that allow vaping such as fairgrounds, bus stops and almost any public area. Some local areas do not allow vaping so be sure to double check with services like Yelp or Google Maps before heading somewhere new.

There are several ways that you can store your vaping equipment safely when it’s not being used. The first is to simply put your pen or battery in a carrying case that has padding for safety. The second is to purchase a carrying case for your pen or battery. The most popular ones are the small box-shaped cases that sit closed with a magnet. If you’re looking for something more exclusive, you can also find a leather carrying case specifically designed for e-cigarettes.

The biggest advantage of using vaping products is that you have complete control over the amount of nicotine your body is getting. This makes it easier to gradually lower the amount of nicotine in each cartridge or tank over time, which can help you quit smoking cigarettes all together.

Vape dictionary

Are you new to the vaping world and the terms your friends use is still new to you and you feel overwhelmed? Do not worry you have come to the right place and we are here to teach you all the terms you need to be on top of things and even impress your friends.

Get used to the terms vapers use, we will get you started:


This is your battery capacity.


This is the shorter form for modifications where vapers can change what they can do on their vaporizer. Mods can give your device the following:

  • A bigger battery
  • Better vape production
  • Better battery life

Micro coil

This is a coil with a tiny radius that is wrapped so tight that the loops of the coil touch.


mouthpiece XSGO
mouthpiece XSGO

This is the part that you are going to draw from.

Mouth to lung hit

You inhale in your mouth and then into your lungs, although you get less vapor than direct to lung you will get a better flavour.


This is the heating element that contains the coil or wick and heats it to transform your e-liquid into vapor.


This is a tank that has a built-in atomizer. It can be disposable or refillable

Drip tip

This is a removable mouthpiece of the e-cigarette.


This is the short form of nicotine.


This is the measure of electrical resistance.


This is Propylene Glycol, which forms part of the base of e-liquids.


This is Vegetable Glycerine that also forms part of one of the bases of e-liquids.


This is a term that is used when you overfill the e-liquid in the atomizer.


This is the term that is used when taking a puff or inhaling from your vaporizer.


This is the container that can be removed and that holds your e-liquid.


This is the amount of air that is sucked into the tank or atomizer. When your airflow is looser there will be more vapor and with tighter airflow, there will less vapor, but you will experience more flavour.


This is done before you use a new atomizer. You add a few drops of e-liquid and then you let it sit for a few minutes so that the juice can saturate the wick fully.


rebuildable atomizer
rebuildable atomizer

Rebuildable atomizer.


Rebuildable Tank Atomizer


The amount of power that the atomizer coil consumes.


The electrical potential of a power source.

Dry burn

This is when you fire an atomizer without there being any e-juice till the coil glows red to burn the residue of the e-juice.

Dry hit

When you take a drag of your device when the e-liquid has run out.


18650 battery

This is the most popular battery size when it comes to e-cigarettes.

We all know that the start of the vaping journey can feel overwhelming and a tad too much with all the info you need to process while enhacing your vaping experience. Above are all the terms that will help you at the start of your vaping journey.

I hope you guys found this article helpful. If you need help to choose a device, take a look at this arcticle and enjoy your vaping journey!

Best prefilled vape kits of 2020

Have you recently switched from smoking to vaping and want a device that is easy to use? Well, you have come to the right place because here are 5 of the best-prefilled vapes:

1.   Blue Razz Beco Bar disposable device

This disposable vape kit will provide you with up to 300 puffs. Do you hate doing maintenance on your vape? Well with this prefilled vape you never have to refill it and you never have to charge it. The Beco Bar is portable making it easy to put in your pocket when you are on the go. The device has no button and is draw activated.

Do you like a sweet taste?

Well, it comes in blueberry and raspberry flavours, which will be perfect for someone who has a sweet tooth. It is not only a great vaporizer to start out with, but it also produces great quality vapor too.

2.   Dinner Lady Disposable device

Dinner Lady prefillable device
Dinner Lady prefillable device

This device has a 300 maH battery mod. It is available in 6 different flavours: Lemon tart, Smooth Tobacco, Blue menthol, Pink berry, Mango ice, and Fresh menthol. This device is draw activated and no maintenance is needed. Once your pod is empty you can dispose of the whole kit and then replace it with a new one.

3.   Aspire Gusto Mini vape kit

Aspire Gusto Mini Vape Kit
Aspire Gusto Mini Vape Kit

This device is designed for mouth-to-lung vaping, but it can produce enough vaper for semi-direct to lung use.

It only has one button, and this button is used to active the device as well as lock the device. What makes this device even better is its portability.

4.   IVG Pod starter Kit

This vape device is ideal for those who are just starting out. It has a 450maH battery. This device will give you a smooth throat hit, and the prefilled e-liquid pods contain 2ml of 20 mg salt nic e-liquid.

5.   Voom Pod Starter Kit

Voom Pod Starter Kit
Voom Pod Starter Kit

Are you switching to vaping? Well, this is the starter kit you will need to get you started. Do you want something simple? This is the perfect device, all you must do is insert the pod, inhale and you are ready to go, it does not get any easier than that. It has a 320maH battery and if you want a portable device that is easy to throw in your pocket or bag this is the device for you.

Haven’t you switched to vaping yet? Take a look at the tips of how to use a vaporizer, make the switch today and get yourself one of 2020’s best-prefilled vape devices.