Are you new to the vaping world and the terms your friends use is still new to you and you feel overwhelmed? Do not worry you have come to the right place and we are here to teach you all the terms you need to be on top of things and even impress your friends.

Get used to the terms vapers use, we will get you started:


This is your battery capacity.


This is the shorter form for modifications where vapers can change what they can do on their vaporizer. Mods can give your device the following:

  • A bigger battery
  • Better vape production
  • Better battery life

Micro coil

This is a coil with a tiny radius that is wrapped so tight that the loops of the coil touch.


mouthpiece XSGO
mouthpiece XSGO

This is the part that you are going to draw from.

Mouth to lung hit

You inhale in your mouth and then into your lungs, although you get less vapor than direct to lung you will get a better flavour.


This is the heating element that contains the coil or wick and heats it to transform your e-liquid into vapor.


This is a tank that has a built-in atomizer. It can be disposable or refillable

Drip tip

This is a removable mouthpiece of the e-cigarette.


This is the short form of nicotine.


This is the measure of electrical resistance.


This is Propylene Glycol, which forms part of the base of e-liquids.


This is Vegetable Glycerine that also forms part of one of the bases of e-liquids.


This is a term that is used when you overfill the e-liquid in the atomizer.


This is the term that is used when taking a puff or inhaling from your vaporizer.


This is the container that can be removed and that holds your e-liquid.


This is the amount of air that is sucked into the tank or atomizer. When your airflow is looser there will be more vapor and with tighter airflow, there will less vapor, but you will experience more flavour.


This is done before you use a new atomizer. You add a few drops of e-liquid and then you let it sit for a few minutes so that the juice can saturate the wick fully.


rebuildable atomizer
rebuildable atomizer

Rebuildable atomizer.


Rebuildable Tank Atomizer


The amount of power that the atomizer coil consumes.


The electrical potential of a power source.

Dry burn

This is when you fire an atomizer without there being any e-juice till the coil glows red to burn the residue of the e-juice.

Dry hit

When you take a drag of your device when the e-liquid has run out.


18650 battery

This is the most popular battery size when it comes to e-cigarettes.

We all know that the start of the vaping journey can feel overwhelming and a tad too much with all the info you need to process while enhacing your vaping experience. Above are all the terms that will help you at the start of your vaping journey.

I hope you guys found this article helpful. If you need help to choose a device, take a look at this arcticle and enjoy your vaping journey!