It’s even sipped by many of today’s top celebrities. It may look like the latest trend in smoking, but vaping is actually a healthier and more convenient alternative to cigarettes. Here are the most common misconceptions about vaping that you need to know about, along with detailed info on how it works and what it looks like. Read this blog post to learn more about what’s cool about vaping and where it came from!

It’s hard not be swayed away from smoking. If you’re among those people who have been trying to quit for years with little success, or if your health is at risk due to your addiction, then try switching your habit out for something much healthier: vaping.



Smoking can be the cause of many problems, but one of the biggest dangers is that it’s known to accelerate aging. That’s because it increases your risks of developing wrinkles and fine lines. Smoking also encourages increased oil production by the skin, which contributes towards clogged pores and enlarged pores which then leads to more acne breakouts. Additionally, smoking causes skin discoloration and can make your cheeks look dull and lifeless.

On top of all these things smoking can do to your complexion, it also has a strong negative effect on your health. According to “Allure” magazine, smoking causes multiple types of cancer cells to grow in your body. The two most common types of cancer that smoking is known to cause are lung cancer and colorectal cancer. Smoking is also known to increase your chances of getting heart disease, strokes, respiratory illnesses, and low sperm count.

Overall, if you’re going to attempt quitting smoking, it’s advised to do it the natural way with the help of alternative nicotine sources such as vaping. Vaping is healthier because it keeps you from inhaling harmful toxins and carcinogens in tobacco smoke. It also eliminates cigarettes’ odor that can be irritating and unpleasant around your environment.



It’s simpler than that! Vaping is simply an alternative way of smoking tobacco, so it works by inhaling a nicotine containing aerosol. The only difference between vaping and traditional cigarettes are battery size (the vape battery powers up to 7 times longer), product design (compared to traditional cigarettes), and consistency (vapor has more consistent flavor). But once you’ve tried vaping, you’ll never want another smoke again.

In order for vaping to work, there are two parts that need to be in sync.

First, the atomizer (the heating element) needs to be hot enough to vaporize the liquid. The atomizer is held onto a battery by maintaining pressure on the cartridge or tank. This is why after you take your first puff on a new vape pen, it’s recommended that you wait a minute or more for the vapor to cool down before inhaling again.

The other part needed is the nicotine cartridge or tank (the cartridge or tank contains the liquid). Without liquid, there is no vapor. So, the first step in vaping is making sure your vaporizer cartridge or tank contains a nicotine-containing juice that’s compatible with the atomizer.

The basic process for vaporizing a liquid involves heating a coil by either electricity, or by applying heat manually on a device such as a mod or portable vaporizer pen. The most common form of atomizers is replaceable 510 threaded atomizers. In order to vape e-liquid, you will need to get e-liquid (vapor juice) from reliable sources such as online sellers on sites such as Reddit and Amazon.

There are so many different styles of e-juice available; it can make your head spin. Some of the most common types are:

cartridge for vape pens
cartridge for vape pens

*POD JUICE – For this type, you don’t need to fill any tanks or cartridges with e-liquid, simply grab a pod and screw it onto your battery. And to use it you open the mouthpiece and inhale.

*PRE-FILLED CHEMICAL CARTRIDGES – These include plastic cartridges or glass cartridges that contain a liquid chemical substance that is not nicotine containing. Usually these are used with full-size devices like box mods. Instead of a dripping atomizer, this is used for tanks with coil heads.

*PRE-FILLED CARTRIDGE – This product is the same as the cartridge mentioned above, but you can find cartridges that are pre-filled with flavors such as vanilla, strawberry and chocolate. These are great if you’re just getting into vaping for the first time. With a pre-filled cartridge all you really have to do is pick up an e-cig battery and screw on the cartridge to start vaping right away.

*E-LIQUID – E-liquid is available in 30ml, 10ml and various other sized bottles.

Where do you get the liquid for the pen?

First, you will need to pick a vaping pen or battery that you would like to use. You can find them in different colors, styles and shapes. Make sure whoever is selling these pens or batteries know that the liquids are for these specific devices because not all devices will accept all liquids. The most common parts of these e-cigarettes are the battery and the atomizer, which is the heating element (a coil which is often pre-filled with e-liquid).

Next you will need to decide on what liquid you will be using. Most e-liquid brands have their own unique flavors that they produce. Some of the most common ones are Black Cherry, Cinnamon Roll, Cotton Candy, Orange Creamsicle, Strawberry and Vanilla.

Once you have purchased your device and e-liquid you will need to find a location to use it. Most people prefer to use their device in their homes but there are plenty of places that allow vaping such as fairgrounds, bus stops and almost any public area. Some local areas do not allow vaping so be sure to double check with services like Yelp or Google Maps before heading somewhere new.

There are several ways that you can store your vaping equipment safely when it’s not being used. The first is to simply put your pen or battery in a carrying case that has padding for safety. The second is to purchase a carrying case for your pen or battery. The most popular ones are the small box-shaped cases that sit closed with a magnet. If you’re looking for something more exclusive, you can also find a leather carrying case specifically designed for e-cigarettes.

The biggest advantage of using vaping products is that you have complete control over the amount of nicotine your body is getting. This makes it easier to gradually lower the amount of nicotine in each cartridge or tank over time, which can help you quit smoking cigarettes all together.