We live in a world of vaping, from the electronic cigarettes to the pod systems. Whether it’s for an e-cig or for a vaping machine, there are so many different vape choices that it can be tough to decide what one is right for you. In this blog post, we’ll go over some of the key features and benefits of vape pens.

Note: There are different types of vape pens as well as you can use them in different ways. Vape pens can be used to vaporize dry herbs, THC oils and CBD oils depending on their settings (some have built-in temperature controls) with nicotine or without too.

What is a Vape Pen?

vape pen om airvape
vape pen om airvape

A vape pen is one type of electronic cigarette that is designed to resemble a tobacco cigarette. Although most of them resemble regular cigarettes, they will generally have an atomizer (the part that you vape from) that looks like a nail, instead of the head. This resembles the real-life hand-held device that people originally smoked from which helped to make them look more like tobacco cigarettes.

Water and glycerin are available as options to vape with, but most of these devices will be designed for use with e-liquid (usually made by your favorite e-liquid brand). These devices use an atomizer and battery system, just like every other type of electronic cigarette out there.

What are the Benefits of Vape Pens?

There are so many different vape pens that can be purchased, and the benefit of owning a vape pen is that you’ll be able to use whichever e-cigarette you want for your vaping needs. Whether or not you are looking for a feel of tobacco, an experience like smoking a cigarette, or something completely different, there is a vape pen for you out there.

Here are some of the benefits of owning one:

More Affordable

Vaporizer pens can be as cheap as $50 and as expensive as $200 – which means that they are more affordable than other options such as cigarettes or e-cigs.

Small Design

Many of the vaporizer pens that are available on the market today are designed to be small, which makes them easier to store when not in use. They’re also easy to travel with and can fit in your pocket without a problem.

Only One Atomizer

Most of the e-cigarettes that are available on the market today are designed to have just one atomizer that needs to be replaced after a couple weeks of use. Since every atomizer is different, you might need to change out your battery or atomizer as well. Vape pens, however, have no such issues because you’ll need to replace the entire unit if it stops working.

High Vaping Levels

One benefit that you will get if you decide to buy a vape pen is that you may enhance your vaping level. Whether you’re only looking to vape for a couple minutes or longer, vaporizer pens are designed for higher vaping levels than normal cigarettes would allow. This means that your atomizer can hold more e-liquid and produce a stronger experience than with other devices.

More Control

Another benefit of owning a vape pen is that you’ll have much more control over what goes into your body. Unlike the liquids used in e-cigarettes, the settings of a vape pen are much higher so that you can be sure that what you’re buying is something you want to put in your body. This is much better than buying something and not knowing how much of something you will be vaping.

Higher Vaping Time

If you wish to include nicotine into your vaping experience, most electronic cigarette models come with this option installed right away.

Why prefer Vape Pen over Pipes

oil vape pen
oil vape pen

It is recommended that you use vape pen instead of regular tobacco as tobacco is not healthy. Although it has some positive effects as compared to traditional cigarette smoking, it’s still not much healthy when used excessively.

Here are a few reasons why you should switch from tobacco smoking to vaping:

Vaping Doesn’t Create Harmful Tar

If you smoke at least one pack of cigarettes a day (which is extremely high), then you probably know how difficult it is to quit. Nicotine makes the withdrawal process hard and every time you try to quit, your body gets used to the nicotine so when the next time comes, it’s harder and harder for you.

But, with vaping, since there is no tar, you don’t have to deal with the withdrawal process. Which means that it’s easier to quit if you vape rather than smoke cigarettes.

Vaping Reduces Other Chemicals

When you vape, you are inhaling a vapor which makes the device much healthier than a traditional cigarette smoking experience.

E-liquids are available in different flavors and nicotine content so that vapers can ultimately make their own choices without having to worry about other chemicals getting into their body. There is also a lower risk when it comes to secondhand exposure because there is no smoke or secondhand exposure from these devices.

Vaping Doesn’t Require Lighting a Match

It is always recommended that people don’t smoke while there is a lit cigarette being passed around. It’s the same case when you have a group of friends who want to smoke together, where you can’t sit down and light up until everyone present has already lit their own cigarettes.

When it comes to vaping, however, you get to control the battery and switch on/off the device whenever you wish to vape or not vape. Unlike lighting up a match and hoping nobody burns themselves with it, vapers can simply turn off their units when they are done for the day, knowing that they won’t be causing any harm or danger to those around them.

Vaping Makes No Stink

Smoking is a nasty habit. Not only does it require you to blow smoke in your own face, but it also makes the environment around you smelly.

But with vaping, there won’t be any stinky smoke or secondhand exposure from the unit itself.

If you were already convinced of switching from smoking to vaping, now that you know what is a vape pen you are definitely purchasing your first one, right? Keep an eye on our articles for future tips!